How Does a Partnership with Eagle Eye Networks Benefit Alibi Security Customers

April 8th, 2020

Many business owners know they need to move to the cloud, but are unsure of what they need from the cloud (which are two very different things!) Unfortunately, not all cloud-managed services offer the same level of support and security. In this blog post, we’ll uncover what makes Eagle Eye Networks the industry leader – and what you should look for in a cloud provider before making the switch to the cloud.

Who is Eagle Eye Networks?

Since 2012, Eagle Eye Networks has established itself as a global leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions. They have simplified both the deployment and management of cloud surveillance for every industry, which includes diversely sized businesses from brick-and-mortars to enterprise-level corporations. Offering unparalleled flexibility with the ability to add cameras across single-or multiple locations, and change storage options on-demand, they’ve set the industry standards for cloud security.

Partners in the Cloud

Cloud surveillance systems are not all created equal. Some cloud providers will store your data in an overseas location, while others don’t end-to-end encryption. Alibi Security leverages the unique, high-level features of Eagle Eye’s custom camera-to-cloud solution by providing our dealer network with:

  • Easy setup and connection
  • Smart AI and easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in 3X redundancy
  • Tier-4 off-site data center featuring end-to-end encryption
  • Unlimited users, storage and view up to 25 cameras
  • Automatic, continuous delivery of cybersecurity updates

Unique Challenges Require a Cloud Solution

Moving to the cloud isn’t always motivated from a security perspective, such as protecting businesses from data threats, employee theft, or break-ins. A cloud-managed service can also provide users an added layer of protection from a compliance perspective. Vulnerable industries like cannabis, where the growth and selling of an illegal product on a federal level is legal in some states and theft are prevalent, requires owners to ensure that their video evidence doesn’t just run 24/7, but has an off-premise storage solution in place.

What Does Alibi Security Cloud VS Provide That Traditional Systems Don’t?

Partnering with Eagle Eye allows Alibi Security to provide its dealer network and end-users with an ultra-secure, hands-off approach to security. Unlike traditional security systems that require equipment for each site, our Cloud VS solution eliminates the need for expensive equipment (or internal resources and maintenance fees for managing that system) from the get-go.

Once you deploy the camera-to-cloud solution, your data is uploaded directly from your camera to our off-site data center. Add up to 25 cameras at a time from a centralized interface, and scale up with unlimited users and storage. From greater flexibility, reliability and overall cost savings, Cloud VS offers a superior cloud solution for every business.

About Alibi Cloud VS

Alibi Cloud VS is a powerful and cost-effective way to secure your business. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the Alibi Cloud offers 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for an entirely scalable and streamlined solution.

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