Evolving Security to Fit with the Internet of Things

November 11th, 2021

Perhaps you have heard the phrase the Internet of Things-do you know what this means? It is the network of devices like electronics, sensors, and others that allow things to connect, interact, and exchange data. We hear a lot about cybersecurity and with it, we emphasize the internet and the cloud.

For better cyber security, we understand we need stronger user authentication processes, activity logging, and data encryption. However, with all the focus and emphasis on the digital aspects of security in Picayune MS, we can sometimes put physical security on the back burner.

Physical security is important for the protection of people, hardware, programs, as well as data that can cause losses or damages. Access control and video surveillance are also useful for keeping an eye on everything going on. These systems used to be self-contained and couldn’t be connected to other systems. The IT department didn't oversee everything; instead, it was usually outside contractors.

Any kind of breach of these security solutions would have been easy for any attacker-even one that didn't possess much in the way of technical know-how and expertise. However, the Internet of Things and the possibility of interconnectivity is changing the way the physical security system operates.

Connecting Your Physical and Digital Security

Legacy and closed systems can't keep up with the massive amounts of information that are coming in. They are also easy to get into as previously mentioned which is why the Internet of Things is the natural progression that needs to be considered.

It can help improve physical security as well as the access control systems that are in use. With IoT and cloud management, current systems can be improved upon and scaled and changed to meet needs and get shared across the network in real time.

Securing Modern Business

Millions of new things are being connected to the internet daily, and this number continues to grow. IoT technologies are the ideal next step because they can be enhanced with network capabilities and the information can be better monitored and controlled. It can also effectively lower a businesses maintenance costs by approximately 25% and minimize outages by twice that much.

Systems that are used need to be open-sourced and widely available on different platforms similar to the way network technology works. Some networkers are already working on platforms with open camera IP for improved application development. Additionally, we need to watch for security loopholes that can occur with the IoT and smart devices. We have to pay close attention to the security of our data, while also being able to maintain some focus and control on privacy.

Growing Toward Success

The physical security sector is growing with more and more innovations being introduced such as sensors, video, and access systems. The issues of security surrounding this kind of hardware and infrastructure also need to grow and evolve.

A company in Picayune, MS that chooses to take advantage of this kind of interconnectivity, new technology, and physical security integrations will see success.

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