Cloud VS Case Study Alibi Security Improves High School Campus Security with a Cloud Based Video Surveillance System

August 13th, 2020

Hyde Park’s new security initiative required them to upgrade their existing surveillance system. Partnering with Alibi Security provided this Austin, Texas high school with more flexibility, storage, and cost savings than ever before.

The Client 

Located in Austin, Texas, High Park Schools integrates college-preparatory academics and extracurricular programs with a Christian perspective. Founded in 1968 as a Child Development Center (CDC), Hyde Park quickly began to grow, eventually separating from the CDC, and later forming the Hyde Park Baptist School System. Today, it occupies two separate campuses, one for elementary and one for high school students.

Their Challenge

In 2009, Hyde Park opened up a state-of-the-art high school campus in Northwest Austin. Their security technology (which at the time of its installation was sufficient) now posed several challenges:    

  • Low-resolution and insufficient camera coverage. Verifying a student’s identity was almost impossible due to low-resolution cameras. Certain areas of the school (like the backside of the building and the fieldhouse) didn’t have coverage at all. This led to several recent episodes of vandalism and illegal dumping. 

  • Delayed access. Users had remote access to their footage but only through a VPN, which created a slower overall connection to the security system. What they required was faster connectivity, allowing the administration to log in from anywhere, at any time.

The Solution 

They knew that a significant technology and equipment upgrade was essential to improve the security of their campus. Like many schools, they had to find an affordable solution that worked within their budget. HP’s Director of Operations, Stacy Davis, worked with her cross-functional team to identify the school’s needs. After weighing their options, they chose a hybrid solution, combining a traditional security solution with redundant cloud-enabled cameras and storage for crucial coverage areas. This allowed them to cost-effectively upgrade, and provide: 

  • Integrated analytics
  • Centralized interface for remote viewing
  • Powerful user management tools that help them control what users have access to the system, specific cameras, and recordings by date and time. 

Results Achieved 

The ultimate goal for Hyde Park was to create as safe a school campus as possible. With Alibi Security as their security service provider, they were able to double the school’s current coverage and modernize their existing system. Handpicked for Hyde Park, Alibi cameras also gave them improved storage space, data security, and surveillance quality:

  • 5.0 Megapixel HD-TVI 135' IR Outdoor Mini Turret Dome Security Camera  With 5 MP resolution HD video and a 2.8mm lens, this camera’s longer illuminate value is perfect for clear event capturing in and around the school’s fieldhouse.  
  • 6.0 Megapixel IP 120' IR Starlight 2.8mm WDR Turret Security Camera These high-resolution cameras provide the school with clear video and powerful video analytics, including facial recognition and intrusion detection. It also included a low light LUX rating to capture color video for nighttime surveillance.   
  • 4.0 Megapixel IP 165' IR H.265+ Outdoor Varifocal Bullet Security Camera  Cloud-enabled, the outdoor bullet IP camera puts their school at ease, with the ability to store more information using less storage space. The varifocal lens offers a wide field of view and 3D digital noise reduction for clear footage during the day or night.   

“Not all cloud solutions are created equal. One of the reasons Alibi Cloud VS was a great fit is due to its scalability. As Hyde Park High School continues to grow, Alibi Cloud will be able to grow with them,” says Keith Becker, Senior Product Manager. 

Additional benefits of Alibi Cloud video surveillance include: 

  • Full coverage at every entry point. One of Hyde Park’s most significant objectives was to have full coverage at every point of entry and exit. Thirty-one 5MP HD-TVI Turret Starlight cameras and two 6MP IP Turret Starlight 2.8mm WDR cameras were installed along the backside of the campus, the fieldhouse, and exits. Now, every access point is protected with high-resolution surveillance. 

  • Real-time notifications. Searching through footage for a recorded incident used to take administration hours to locate. Now it takes seconds. With Alibi Cloud VS, they receive real-time notifications of the event. They’re able to access video remotely from their mobile device or PC, and easily download and share that clip with authorities.

  • Redundant data stored off-site. Like many schools, having a data redundancy ‘plan of action’ was essential. They also needed the means to retrieve, download, and send footage to multiple users quickly.  In the past, Hyde Park administration relied on a fully intact IT network to store its data. Now, they have the convenience of fully protected, cloud-based storage with cloud-enabled cameras throughout their campus. If their recorder is ever damaged or stolen, they can easily access a redundant copy stored in the cloud. 

With their video surveillance now in place, Hyde Park high school can soar ahead as a ‘one of a kind community’ with the reassurance their campus is protected and secure. Alibi Security provides cutting-edge, cost-effective video security solutions for schools of all sizes.

“Because Alibi Security offers multiple solutions, upgrading their surveillance system without having to replace their current cabling infrastructure significantly reduced their total cost.” – Keith Becker, Senior Product Manager, Alibi Security

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