Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story - Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower, Inc.

May 28th, 2020

Fuellgraf’s business was growing. But, with that growth came new security challenges. Recent trespasser activity, combined with employees working late at the office pushed management to find a reliable, 24/7 surveillance system that would meet the demands of their growing business.

The Client

Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower, Inc. specializes in the maintenance of electrical systems for tall structures and sky rises. With over 30 years of experience, they offer extensive knowledge and skill in custom installation lighting protection.

The Challenge

Their high-quality work has resulted in steady growth over the years, taking their business from a single to multiple facility operations. Their headquarters, which over the last year had encountered multiple break-ins, needed an easy-to-use security system to solve their three main security challenges:

  • Trespasser activity. Close proximity to the highway made them an easy target for trespassers (including transients looking for a place to take shelter), and theft. While their on-premise security system picked up intrusion activity, it didn’t always provide them with alarm notifications in real-time. This prevented users from being alerted on time so they could notify the authorities.
  • Staff safety. Staff members often worked late hours at the office, and the recent break-ins had them feeling unsafe at work. Management needed a reliable security system that could immediately alert owners to trespasser activity – especially after regular business hours when many staff members were still on-premise.
  • Damaged/stolen recorders. On multiple occasions, trespassers entered the building through the back entrance and stole inventory from their warehouse – which included their on-premise recorder. Over the last two years alone, break-ins had cost the company tens of thousands of dollars in both product and security equipment replacements.

The Solution

After considering options from several providers, they chose a hybrid solution using Alibi Security Cloud VS cameras.  Six cloud-enabled cameras were added to their most critical areas – including all points of entry and exits. One additional camera featuring a Starlight imager was added along their back entrance for high visibility detection to capture trespassing activity in extremely low light conditions.

The Outcome

Since their hybrid Cloud VS install, the owners are now immediately notified in real-time on their smartphone when a trespasser enters their property, which they can then download and send on to authorities. They can add more cameras and storage as their needs change, and employees who are at the office late at night, now feel safe at work. With their new hybrid solution in place, they now have the security they want, with the flexibility and cost-savings they need.


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